Stamped wall full package - 50 sqm
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Stamped wall full package - 50 sqm

Stamped wall full package including all products (stamp, mortar, stains and sealer) to achieve a vertical surface of 50 sqm.

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250 char. max
250 char. max
250 char. max
  • Alpes Stone
  • Balcanes
  • Mountain Dry Stone
  • Caucase Stone
  • Africa Stone
  • Stack Stamps
  • Scotland Stone
€772.50 (tax incl.) €772.50 (tax excl.)

Stamped wall full package - 50 sqm

Products included :

1 stamp

7 patterns available : Alpes Stone, Balcane, Africa Stone, Caucase Stone, Stack StampsScotland Stone and Mountain Dry Stone.

Masters Wall Print - 40 bags (25kg/bag)

Masters Wall Print is a single component mix specially created for surfacing, texturing and stamping vertical surfaces.  This mix has been formulated to avoid sagging and running during application on vertical surfaces.

Masters Wall Release Agent - 5 liters

It is capable to form a nonstick film to stamp walls where the use of normal release agent powders is not possible. The liquid release agent has no color.

DC Finish Sealer - 10 liters

DC Finish Sealer is a ready-to-use satin sealer to protect outisde decorative concrete. It has a normal chemical resistance and repels stains, making it ideal for pool decks, patios, porches, driveways, garages walls...

Masters Water-based Stain - 5 liters (3 colours to choose)

Like acid stains, this new-generation stain (typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigments) penetrates the concrete to produce permanent color, ranging from translucent to opaque depending the coats.

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25 sqm
1,5 cm
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