Stenciled concrete

Stenciled concrete

Stenciled concrete on fresh or old concrete

A good solution to renew existing concrete

Stenciled concrete is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to achieve the look of real stone, tile or brick. It has a flat, even surface perfectly suited for pool decks, walkways, driveways, interior flooring and much more.

Masters Stencil Spray Mortar is the ideal solution for renovating sidewalks, pedestrian passages, pool sides... The design of the decorative motif is obtained using special water resistant flooring stencils, while the color is applied by spraying a special colour hardener mixture for concrete floors.

Spray gun for resins and mortar. Plastic hooper with lid, nylon gun purposely formulated, seven nozzle sizes. It may be attached to the compressor. The right tool for the realization of stencil spray floors.
Masters Outside Sealer
Masters Outside Sealer has excellent hardness properties and resistance moisture.It allows creating a basic protection for indoor and outdoor decorative concrete. Its action protects from external agents by closing the pores. 
This product is based on solvents - PROFESSIONNEL USE ONLY
Packaging: Cans of 1, 5 or 23 litersCoverage: 1 liter for 10sqm
Masters Ecolex Sealer
Masters Ecolex Sealer is a pure acrylic emulsion, self-cross linked high viscosity. It is especially suitable to protect stamped concrete or stenciled concrete. Its action protects from external agents by closing the pores.