• sample-1

    Micro Topping

    For all destinations: floors, walls, showers, bathrooms, countertops, stairs, for inside and outside

  • sample-2

    Self Leveling Overlay

    Specially adapted for an interior design.
    Its mineral appearance is appropriate for all environments : contemporary, modern or classic

  • Products and stamps

    Stamped Concrete

    Especially adapted for outside environments.
    Adapted for pedestrian or vehicular traffic and suitable for all climatic conditions.

  • Stained concrete

    Water based stain

    Easy to apply and cheap to realize. It is used to color a concrete surface for inside or outside applications.

  • Stenciled concrete

    Stenciled concrete

    A good solution to renew and beautify existing concrete.

  • sample-3

    Protections and Sealers

    Find the matching protection according to your realisation.
    Mono-component, bi-component, water based, solvent based, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy.

The first online european store for decorative concrete


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CREATION SUD offers one of the largest range of products for decorative concrete. Whatever your project; floor, wall, bathroom, shower, countertop, for indoor or outdoor achievement, you will find the right product on this website.

microcement wall


Also named "Béton Ciré" in some european countries, this microcement concrete is like a paste, and you can use it on all horizontal or vertical surfaces. Applied with a finishing trowel in two layers, it allows to obtain different kinds of concrete textures. 

Self Leveling Overlay

A fluid mortar specially designed for horizontal achievements. The right product to realize quickly a large surface on floors. For a decoration design and contemporain.

self leveling overlay
marble concrete

Water-based Stain

Also named Marble Concrete, this product is a liquid, like an ink to colour porous materials. It allows to colour all existing surfaces made of concrete overlay or other concrete based surface. A cheap solution to colour existing surfaces easily and quickly.

Stamped Concrete

One of the more famous decorative concrete. Developed in the USA, 30 years ago, its qualities has proven over the years. For all outdoor environments, it is suitable for all climatic conditions. A good way to reproduce natural materials such as wood, stone, tiles, slate, cobbletones or bricks.

stamped concrete
stenciled concrete

Stenciled Concrete

And other decorative concrete to realize on a fresh concrete or on an existing screed. Different patterns and many colours for achieve lovely traffic driveways, pedestrian areas, car parks, or pool decks.

Wall Stamped

For embellish all kind of vertical surfaces, it allows to create natural effects reproducing different stones This decorative concrete consist to apply a mold on a special mortar to realize decorative walls. It's a good way to beautify quickly and cheap your outside environments.

wall stamped concrete
effix design calcil


Literally "Glass Fiber Concrete Reinforced", for realize all kind of decorative objects such as countertop, sinks, tables and a lot of other things. A technology based on a mold, a lovely layer for the surface and an ultra resistant concrete.

Tools and Machines

Special tools for all decorative concrete. The right tool for doing a better job.

Marshalltown tools

Diamond Tools


tools and machines

About this online store

Already present in France since many years, CREATION SUD is one of the famous specialist of decorative concrete in Europe. We are producer and manufacturer specializes in decorative concrete products since ten years.
Through this new online store, we want to give an easy acces to decorative concrete products to each European worker. Whether you are a contractor, a craftsman or an individual worker, you will find the right product adapted for your realization.

About decorative concrete

Traditional concrete is one of the oldest material used to build, and it is not possible to contest the fact that it is particularly attractive. In the last few years, some significant developments have allowed to adapted the concrete to building industry, for decorative concrete achievements. For more precisions, the properties of the concrete have been adopted and enhanced to create specific mortars for finish uses. The result is that concrete is become stronger, functional, thinner, and a lovely matiere for decoration.

Our company

CREATION SUD is at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry by developing and manufacturing products that cater to the needs of the decorative concrete marketplace. We are focused on the specific needs of the decorative concrete industry and are providing better products through better chemistry.
Our products use the recognized properties of this material for decorative achievements. They enable architects, contractors, craftsmans, and homeowners to create concrete texture and pattern, with a large choice of colours.
CREATION SUD offers the newest, most advanced line of Concrete Stains, Cleaners, Sealers, Strippers, and Overlays available on the market today.

Our services

CREATION SUD are able to deliver concrete products every where in Europe in all these countries:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, United Kigdom, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Croatia.

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The first online European store for decorative concrete

Already present in France since many years, CREATION SUD is one of the famous specialist of decorative concrete in Europe. We are producer and manufacturer, specialized in decorative concrete products since ten years. We offer the newest, most advanced line of Concrete Stains, Cleaners, Sealers, Strippers, and Overlays available on the market today.