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CALCIA - Le Superbe Effix Crea
Le Superbe Effix Crea, from Calcia, is a mortar featuring high strength and enhanced aesthetic properties, capable of ensuring great attention to details of trendy designers and of opening new creative path to designers of decor element.
Bag of 25kg = 12 liters
Masters Outside Sealer
Masters Outside Sealer has excellent hardness properties and resistance moisture.It allows creating a basic protection for indoor and outdoor decorative concrete. Its action protects from external agents by closing the pores. 
This product is based on solvents - PROFESSIONNEL USE ONLY
Packaging: Cans of 1, 5 or 23 litersCoverage: 1 liter for 10sqm
Masters Wall Print
Masters Wall Print is a single component mix specially created for surfacing, texturing and stamping vertical surfaces.  This mix has been formulated to avoid sagging and running during application on vertical surfaces.