Marshalltown Tools

Marshalltown Tools

International recognize tools

Marshalltown is now one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world

Despite its growth and innovation, the company has stayed true to its roots.  It still manufactures tools with superior quality.

MARSHALLTOWN - Zinc Hand Groover

The MARSHALLTOWN zinc joint marking groover is an high quality professional tool for working cement and concrete floors.

MARSHALLTOWN - Magnesium Hand Float

Floating helps remove imperfections and produces a flatter surface. It also compacts the slab and the mortar at the surface in preparation for later finishing operations.
Dimensions : 16" x 3 1/8"

MARSHALLTOWN - 48" Bull Float

48" Bull Float w/Rock-It 2.0 Bracket
Extruded from magnesium alloy
Lightweight, long wearing
Round End
Includes Rock-It™ 2.0 Bull Float Bracket