Masters Wall Print
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Masters Wall Print

Masters Wall Print is a single component mix specially created for surfacing, texturing and stamping vertical surfaces.  This mix has been formulated to avoid sagging and running during application on vertical surfaces.

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A mortar for stamped walls

Masters Wall Print can be applied with a thickness upper to 3 cm, offering the possibility to create deep textures and natural appearing surfaces without requiring added reinforcement on structurally sound vertical surfaces. 

How to use :

  1. Masters Wall Print can be applied on all rigid and clean supports. You must apply first the according bonding agent. Prepare the surface with Masters Prim (porous surfaces) or Master Prim Plus (non porous surfaces). Smooth surfaces needs to have a specific preparation.
  2. After applying the primer, you must realise one small layer 2 ou 3mm and let it dry. This step creates a hook on smooth surface before loading in thickness. It does prevent the product to slipping off. In areas at risk of cracking, place a mesh fibreglass or metal. In hot weather and dry wind, you should spray some water on surfaces to avoid drying quick and cracks.
  3. To prepare the mix, take a special bucket for mixing and put 6 liters water inside. Open your first bag of Masters Wall Print and add gradually this powder in the water. Mix with a professional mixer until obtain a homogeneous and smooth mass. The product is making with white cement and its basic colour is a mineral white. You can add some pigments if you want to obtain a different mass colour. Once the mix ready, apply it with a trowel to obtain the thickness desired (minimum 12/15mm). Rules and smooth with a ruler to get a good surface, regular and ready to print.
  4. Once Masters Wall Print is laid down it may be stamped with a volatile release agent and worked with special tools.
  5. When hardened, the wall may be colored with Masters water-based stains, dyes, or pigments in different coats until that you reach a natural and realistic result.
  6. Then, protect it with 2 coats of a clear waterproof resin like Masters Ecolex Sealer
Data sheet
Mix of cement and quartz aggregates
One bag for 2sqm with 1cm thickness / One bag for 1sqm with 2cm thickness
Shelf life
12 months
25kg (bag)
7/8 (Mohs scale)
0,2 à 0,3 mm
Compression resistance
75 Mpa

TDS - Masters Wall Print

Vertical concrete overlay for stamping

Download (26.59k)

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