List of products by brand CREATION SUD

Masters Stripper - Professional detergent
Masters Stripper is an universal concentrate cleaner for concrete floors and hard surfaces (tiles, glass, aluminium). It removes oil, stripping residues, lichens, dyes and other stains ... It can be used to clean out surfaces before applying a primer.
Masters Fiber
Masters Fiber
Reinforcing polypropylene fiber for concrete slab.
Self-leveling concrete overlays - All-inclusive package 90 sqm
This package included all the products needed to create a concrete floor of 12sqm.
Products included :
Masters Prim Epoxy (4 x 10kg) + sand (8 x 30kg)
Masters Self-leveling Overlays (30 colors) - 30 buckets of 25kg
Masters PU Ecodur Sealer - 4 x 4kg (matt, satin or gloss)

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Micro-concrete full kit - Shower & bathroom - 5 or 10 sqm
With this micro-concrete you can transform any bathroom, new or renovated, into a modern, clean and bright room.
Destinations : bathroom, sink, bathtub, shower...
Products included :
Masters Prim Plus (1L)
Micro-concrete (20 Kg of powder + 5 liters of binder)
Masters Varnish PRO PU (2 kg)
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