Masters Antique Agent for stamped concrete
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Masters Antique Release Agent (Sample)

Ample of antique release agent for stamped concrete

Packaging: 150g
Coverage: About 1m²

€4.33 (tax incl.) €4.33 (tax excl.)

Sample of antique release agent for stamped concrete

Masters Antique Release is a colour release agent use for stamping concrete. It has two essentials actions in a concrete stamping project :

  • It prevents stamps and skins to stick to the concrete and disturbing the action of printing. Masters Antique Release acts act as a true bond breakers to prevent stamping mats and skins from sticking to the concrete.
  • It creates a second colour to the concrete by highlighting the patterns, resulting in an antiquing effect. Masters Antique Release imparts subtle color to the concrete that enhances the integral or dry-shake color.

Powdered release agents are more traditionally used than liquid release agents because they offer more color selections.

Color chart masters antique release agent

How to use ?

1) Preparing surfaces

On a fresh concrete or on a stamp overlay, the surface must be smooth and perfectly leveled. This powder release is composed of very fine airborne dust particulates. During windy day, you must be particularly attentive to do not stain nearly walls or buildings. If necessary, protect them with plastic or paper sheeting. Protect yourself in wearing dust mask to prevent inhalation.

2) Application

The best tool to apply Masters Antique Release is is with a dry tampico brush about 8 inches wide. Dip this dry brush into the bucket of powder release and fluff it to load the bristles. Then take the brush by the handle and use your wrist to flick the release on the surface in shaking vigorously near the ground. Apply a uniform layer on the entire surface.
When your colour release agent masks the colour of your colour hardener, that's enough. Don’t apply to much release agent, especially with lighter textures.
Begin the stamping carefully. When you begin to remove your stamp, you can have look under to see what you have done. The surface of the powder colour release help determine if you have depressed the stamp completely.
Regardless of the colour you are using, the release will lighten when it has been fully compacted by the stamp.

Warning : And on windy days, the airborne powder can stain nearby buildings, existing concrete flatwork, and landscaping, making it necessary to mask off adjacent areas with plastic or paper sheeting.

Data sheet
About 1m²
Free VOC's - According to European Directive 2004/42/CE
Available in 10 colours
Shelf life
24 months

TDS - Masters Antique Agent

Antique release agent for stamped concrete

Download (26.11KB)

HOW TO - Stamped concrete

How to apply stamped concrete on fresh concrete.

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