Masters Mineralizing
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Masters Mineralizing

Masters Mineralizing increases hardness, stops chalking phenomena and blocks the rise of milt (carbonation).

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Surface mineralizer and hardener

Mineralization by crystallization produces a chemical reaction that durably protects against various attacks (bad weather, humidity, pollution, oils, sea salts, etc.). It accelerates carbonation after penetration by capillarity. The support, which was originally soft, crumbly, mealy, is hardened by the crystals.

Masters Minéralisant protects and waterproofs porous mineral substrates (concrete, stone, waxed concrete), while letting them breathe. Incorporated into the mass during the preparation of concrete, it eliminates rising saltpetre, efflorescence, and mould.

It facilitates the cleaning of materials. Colorless and transparent Masters Mineralizer does not yellow under UV.


  • Antacid treatment of mortars and concretes (stables, pigsties, dairies, slaughterhouses, cellars, canneries, etc.)
  • Hardening of screeds and calcareous stones.
  • Anti-capillary rise treatment.
  • Waterproofing concrete under pressure (basins, swimming pools, sewers, gutters, water tanks, pits).
  • Waterproofing of counter-pressure cement coatings (cellars, galleries, tunnels, car parks, retention basins, pits) against external water seepage.

Tip: Masters Minéralisant is recommended to protect our decorative concrete outdoors. It is ideal for applying our waxed concrete in a swimming pool.


  • For impregnating surfaces: wet the surface abundantly before applying Mineralizing Masters in 2 or 3 coats (wait one hour between each coat). The first layer is diluted 50% in water, the last layer is used concentrated and until the support is saturated.
  • In mass treatment: Masters Mineralizer is used concentrated and added to the mortar. The dosage is between 1 to 2 liters of Mineralizing Masters for a 35 kg bag of cement).
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