Preparation and refilling package
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Preparation and refilling package

This kit is composed of an all-surface adhesion primer and a high performance repair mortar.

Depending on the area to be treated, this kit is available in several versions:

  • Kit of 2m²: 250ml of Prim Plus primer and 5kg of repair mortar
  • Kit of 5m²: 500ml of Prim Plus primer and 10kg of repair mortar
  • Kit of 10m²: 1L of Prim Plus primer and 20kg of repair mortar
  • 2m²
  • 5m²
  • 10m²
€12.64 (tax incl.) €12.64 (tax excl.)

Preparation and refilling package

Use :

  • to fill the joints of the old tiles in order to cancel the differences of level
  • to straighten a staircase "rough formwork"
  • to straighten a support in rough blocks
  • to bridge differences in level between different coatings
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