10mm Textured Flat Face Touch Up Roller
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Touch Up Roller

Used for touching up joints when using texture mats. Match texture and idth of existing joints.

6 shapes available :

  1. Textured Wedge
  2. Wedge
  3. 5 mm Flat Face
  4. 10 mm Flat Face
  5. 10 mm Textured Flat Face
  6. 5 mm Textured Flat Face
  • 1/ Textured Wedge
  • 2/ Wedge
  • 3/ 5 mm Flat Face
  • 4/ 10 mm Flat Face
  • 5/ 10 mm Textured Flat Face
  • 6/ 5 mm Textured Flat Face
€31.52 (tax incl.) €31.52 (tax excl.)

Decorative concrete touch-up rollers

The touch-up rollers are typically used to clean up any rough edges or add in missing grout or cut lines. The roller can be attached to a handle that allows for free rolling movement as the tool is pulled and pushed across the concrete.

  • Touch Up Rollers Manufactured from durable plastic.
  • Comfortable handle has tread for extension.
Data sheet
Rigid polyurethane rubber
8 cm
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