Accessories for stamped concrete


Accessories for optimize your stamped concrete

A full range of accessories: texture rollers, touch-up wheels, decorative strips...

Countertop stamp (4 models)

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This stamp needs to be placed in a formwork for pouring concrete elements like countertop.
Choose the pattern of your choice :
Form 1 (width 4 cm)
Form 2 (width 6 cm)
Form 3 (width 6 cm)
Form 4 (width 6 cm)

Decorative textured roller

These textured rollers make it possible to print small areas. Rolls over fresh textured surfaces to provide a beautiful uniform pattern.
5 models to choose from :
Rustic Wood
Old stone

Touch Up Roller

Used for touching up joints when using texture mats. Match texture and idth of existing joints.

6 shapes available :
Textured Wedge
5 mm Flat Face
10 mm Flat Face
10 mm Textured Flat Face
5 mm Textured Flat Face