Masters Prim Quartz
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Masters Prim Quartz

Imprima con partículas de cuarzo para asegurar una unión fuerte antes de aplicar una capa autonivelante o una capa de sello .

Embalaje: Lata de 4l (5,75 kg) o 15l (21 kg)
Rendimiento: 1 litro por 3 m2

  • 4L - 12 m2
  • 15L - 45 m2
39,33 € (impuestos inc.) 39,33 € (impuestos excl.)

Masters Prim Quartz is a synthetic resin in aqueous dispersion with quartz particles included. On smooth or closed surfaces, the addition of quartz creates an inseparable link between the support and the new layer. It is recommended when a good adherence is necessary like an application of self-leveling overlay or overlay for stamping.

How to use ?

1. Preparing surfaces

The surface must be clean, dry and free of dust and other substances such as paint, oil, grease, fluorescence, glue, or old sealers. If you have any doubts about the cleanliness of the substrate, it is preferable to perform a light sanding with 120 grit.

2. Application

Masters Prim Quartz contains quartz particles. It's important to mix it before using to stir correctly the product.
Apply the product in only one layer with a brush or a roller. Let it dry during 6 hours before applying your decorative concrete.

Ficha técnica
Monocomponente - A base de agua - Agregado con cuarzo
1 litro por 3m2
Libre de COV: de acuerdo con la Directiva Europea 2004/42 / CE
Polímeros sintéticos y de cuarzo en base agua
Tiempo de secado
6 horas
24 meses
4l - 5,75kg o 15l - 21kg

TDS - Masters Prim Quartz

Imprimación con cuarzo para crear un agarre

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