Pago seguro

Pago segugo

Our website features the most advanced in terms of payments security technology:

3D Secure

No archive of your credit card on our site, no recordings, the transaction is done directly Bank to Bank.

First, note that your payment is made directly on the secure server of our bank through an automatic link, not on this own website. At no time your card number or other confidential data attached to it, will be communicated to us.

The exchanges are encrypted and secured using SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) on the Internet protocol has become a worldwide standard and is supported by major browsers.

In addition, 3D Secure implemented on our website represents the maximum level of payments security technology.

It check the identity of the buyer with an authentication via a personally access code (SMS or email).

  1. You are connected to our online store
  2. You fill your cart and then make the choice of method Payment with Credit Card (CB)
  3. Our website make a link on our website bank with an encryption method SSL in a secure connection (https://....)
  4. After validation and and your own authentication, your payment is done

Do not be surprised to have to provide an additional access code (sent by SMS or email))
This is the guarantee of your safety

With this technology, no one can make purchases using your credit card for you.
The holder's identification of the credit card is the most secure way to make purchases on the internet. With this technology, we can say that buying on the internet is more secure than in a classic trader.

* This technology sometimes requires, depending on the bank, a prior activation of your account. If you have some authentication problems, contact your bank advisor and ask him to activate your "3D Secure Payment"