Rolled marble aggregates
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Rolled marble aggregates

Aggregates with a grain size of 2,5/5 mm

Available in 9 colours.

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21 €17.11 Up to €7.97
40 €16.48 Up to €40.58
66 €15.84 Up to €108.74
€17.49 (tax incl.) €14.58 (tax excl.)
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Rolled marble aggregates for stone carpet

All our aggregates for stone carpets are crushed and rolled. Rolled aggregates are easier to apply, compact and smooth, and they also provide better walking comfort. They are also washed and dried to ensure perfect adhesion with our resin.

The particle size of 2.5 / 5mm is the most used for the stone carpet. We can also provide you finer granulations for the interior (1,25 / 2,5mm) or bigger for the outside (surrounding trees for example).

How to use ?

For a recommended thickness of 1 cm, use 15kg of aggregates per sqm/m².

Marble aggregates must be mixed with Masters PU resin, at the rate of 1,25kg of resin for a 25kg bag of aggregates (5%).

Data sheet
9 colours
25kg bag
2,5/5 mm
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