Unidad de energía eléctrica Humdinger
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Unidad de energía eléctrica Humdinger

Motor de 2,3 Kw con doble aislamiento con opciones de 230V y 115V.

El póquer Humdinger se vende por separado

  • 220 V
  • 115V
245,00 € (impuestos inc.) 245,00 € (impuestos excl.)
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Humdinger Electric Flexible Shaft Concrete Vibrators

  • Powerful Lightweight electric Power unit with robust motor protection
  • Variety of Flexible shaft lengths from 1m to 6m
  • Double insulated 2.3 Kw motor with 230v and 115v options.
  • Motors and Vibrators interchangeable with other leading brands Model
  • Handles designed to protect the motor perimeter against knocks.
  • Cable reinforcement at motor outlet.
  • Housing with 5 times greater resistance than required by regulation.
  • Three handles around motor body and another handle on rear for use with short transmissions and upright jobs.
  • Anti-abrasion hose with integrated mesh reinforcement and interior strapping.
  • Reinforced needle connection by remoulding.
  • Easily removable and adjustable belt.
  • Foam and grating filter at air intake.
  • Leaktight switch protected from knocks.

Ficha técnica
5,5 kilogramos
Voltaje nominal
115V o 220V
50/60 Hz
Velocidad del motor
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