Máquina monodisco Ø 406 mm (para pulir y limpiar) con kit de limpieza
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Máquina monodisco Ø 406 mm con kit de lijado

The universal floor sander.
The MENZER ESM 406 SK orbital floor sander is very versatile to use – it sands difficult substrates and can also handle the fine and intermediate scuffing of wood flooring. The abrasion pressure can be individually adjusted with the add-on weight. The optional cleaning kit for the ESM 406 SK makes it a cleaning and maintenance machine for finished floors.
  • 406 milímetros
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The universal floor sander

2 years manufacturer's warranty

  • Many applications
  • Powerful, long-life motor (1,200 W)
  • Easy handling
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • incl. 12.5 kg add-on weight
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Adjustable handle
  • Optional cleaning kit

Add-on weight for even more abrasion pressure

The machine comes with a 12.5 kg add-on weight, which can be mounted in seconds as needed. It ensures an even higher abrasion pressure, allowing the efficient processing of sophisticated and difficult substrates.

Easy and ergonomic operation

The MENZER ESM 406 SK comes with a robust and ergonomic handle, which can be adjusted to the body height of the worker. The integrated safety switch prevents accidental machine activation. The large wheels make it very easy to transport.

Ficha técnica
Voltaje nominal
220-240 V
El consumo de energía
1,2 kilovatios
Peso operativo
32 kilogramos
50 Hz
Ø-dimensión de la herramienta
406 milímetros
Velocidad de la herramienta
150 U / min
Peso adicional (12,5 kg) + Soporte de almohadilla para discos de lijado + Soporte de almohadilla para discos de lijado con velcro + Soporte de almohadilla para almohadillas de lijado y pulido
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