Tools for stamped concrete


All the tools needed to apply stamped concrete

Bull float trowel, fresno trowel, hand tools, pool trowel, screed, iron tamper, etc...

Bull Float

Bull float with round ends and rotative adaptor to level ridges, fill voids, and smooth the surface in preparation for troweling.
Sould be used with a set of 3 aluminium handles (not included).

Big Blue Float

A blue carbon steel float to provide a super smooth sealed finish.
Assembly comes with a pitch control gearhead.
Can be use with a set of 3 aluminium handles (not included)

Fresno Trowel

This Fresno trowel with round ends is especially designed to attach some long extension handles to finisher without to have to walk out on the slab. It allows to realize a rapid work over large areas.

Set of 3 Aluminum Handles

Set of three aluminum handles for bull float and trowels. They be extended to 5,40 meters with a snap lock system.

Roller tamper

The Roller Tamper is use to depresses the aggregate into the slab and brings the fat to the surface. It's creates a uniform matter and prepares the surface for a much smoother finish.
Dimensions:  90cm or 120cm

Fresno Combination Broom Float

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This float is a perfect choice if you wish to improve the final surface durability, finish and quality to your concrete work by reducing the surface laitance.
It leaves a tidy and consistent brushed professional finish.

Stamped Concrete Tools Kit

All the tools needed to realize a perfect stamped concrete.
Good value for money !

Tampico Brush

Powder release agent applicator
It insures an efficient distribution of product over the required areas.


Marshalltown Concrete Edger 162BD
Used to produce a radius at the edge of a concrete slab
Dimensions : 15 x 7,5 cm 


The versatile processor WK is characterised by a very good material promote made from 2 wide spiral mixer for beside the light lead in the material ensure a lower stress on drive machine.
Use the stirrer for glue, plaster, mortar, etc.