Masters Pavimento Stencil Spray
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Masters Pavimento Stencil Spray

Pavimento stencil spray per cemento decorativo

Imballaggio: Secchio da 25Kg + 5 L da legante

Copertura: Da circa 10 m²/paccheto

7,69 € (Tasse incl.) 7,69 € (Tasse escluse)

Spray Mortar to realise stenciled concrete

Masters Spray Mortar is a bi-component overlay system that bonds to all clean concrete surfaces to produce a resistant decorative surface. It can be coloured in mass, applied with a trowel or a spray and must be sealed for a beautiful surface and a long life Color Chart Masters Spray Mortar Stenciled Concrete

How to use ?

1) Preparing surfaces

The surface must be resistant, clean, hard without cracks. Remove all dust and other substances of old coating who could damage the grip of the product (paint, oil, grease, fluorescence, GLU, sealers...) If you have some little cracks, you can repair it with an Epoxy Resin and insert a fiber mesh into this primer.

Use the bonding agent Masters Prim on porous surfaces or Masters Prim Quartz on closed or smooth surfaces.

2) Application

To prepare the mix, take a special mixing bucket and put first the liquid binder. Then, add gradually all the powder (already coloured) contained in the bucket. Do not add water. Mix with a professional mixer with a slow speed (<600rpm) during 2 minutes. Once mixed, apply the product with a trowel or with a Spray Gun.

  • Trowel application : On a plan surface, you can apply the product with a trowel to resurfacing. This method is used when you want to resurface an old concrete or when you want to create a background colour, for the joints of stencils for instance.
  • Spray application (Hopper gun) : This method can be used for two reasons : creates textured effects on a regular and smooth surface and especially to spray on the stencils.

3) Protection

Apply one coat of sealer (water based or solvent based) after 48 hour drying and a second coat after 28 days.

Scheda tecnica
Polvere + legante
Miscela di aggregati cementizi e quarziferi e polimeri acrilici
Consumo indicativo
About 10 sqm by package
VOC liberi - Secondo la Direttiva Europea 2004/42 / CE
Available in 20 colours. Custom colour on demand
Data di scadenza
12 mesi
Bucket of 25kg powder + can of 5 liters of binder
7/8 (scala di Mohs)
Da 0,2 a 0,3 mm
Resistenza alla compressione
75 Mpa
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