Carte vetrate - Ø 150 mm
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Sandpapers - Ø 150mm

Silicon carbide abrasive with improved resin bond for exceptional finishes.
  • 36
  • 80
  • 120
  • 800
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2,15 € (Tasse incl.) 2,15 € (Tasse escluse)

Silicium Carbide Sandpaper - 80, 120 or 800 grits

  • Adhesive Backin
  • Great for granite, marble, natural stone, and concrete

What's the difference with other sandpapers ?

Silicon carbide is sharper and harder than standard forms of aluminum oxide. It has needle-like grains that resemble shards of broken glass. These hard, sharp grains cut glass, plastic, and metal well under light pressure, but silicon carbide is not a tough mineral. Its elongated shape shears off easily, making it too friable for bare-wood sanding because the abrasive wears down too quickly, according to manufacturers. It is, however, an excellent choice for smoothing a finish between coats and for rubbing out film finishes like lacquer and shellac, because it cuts quickly and produces a uniform scratch pattern.

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Carburo di silicio
15 cm