Stampi pavimento

Stampi in gomma per stampare il calcestruzzo ancora fresco ed imprimere il disegno desiderato.

Disponibili diverse texture e misure nella versione rigida e flessibile.

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  • Roccia

    This kind of stamps allows to produce continuous texture with no grout or joint lines.
    Compatible to realize stamped concrete on an existing screed.

  • Legna

    Sets of wood patterns with planks in different dimensions, from 7cm to 25cm, also single plank by unit.

  • Ciottolo

    A large choice of cobblestone patterns in different dimensions.

  • Pietra

    Different kind of slates and tiles with various dimensions.

  • Sasso

    A large choice of stone patterns in various dimensions.

  • Mattone

    Some models of brick stamps for decorative concrete.

  • Rosoni

    These circular stamps are a good way to create a decorative pattern in the middle your achievement

  • Greche

  • Accessori
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Showing 1 - 15 of 62 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 62 items