Micro Concrete

Masters Micro Concrete


Masters Micro Concrete is a microcement system with just two millimeters of thickness suitable for both inside and outside. It is a finishing with very resistant and impermeable concrete base.

It opens your rooms by creating elegant, modern and continuous surfaces without visible joints. It is the ideal solution for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as floors, masonry walls, stairs, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, furniture, patios…

Thanks to its strong adhesion, Masters Micro Concrete can be applied on a wide range of supports: plaster, wood, concrete and even glass and ceramic. It allows you to renew existing surfaces on different bases (tiles…) without having to remove them, avoiding tedious demolition works.

The look is entirely customized. You can choose from a range of 43 colors and multiple effects. It is possible to achieve a glossy, satin or matte finish. The only limit is your imagination!


Technical data sheets

  • Composition : Portland cement and silica sands + binder based on acrylic polymer
  • Coverage : 1kg per 1sqm (for one layer)
  • VOC's : Free VOC's - According to European Directive 2004/42/CE
  • Color : Available in 43 colors. Custom colour on demand
  • Granulometry : 0,2 to 0,3 mm
  • Density : 2.1
  • Compression resistance : 7 to 12 Mpa (after 2 days), 30 to 35 Mpa (after 28 days)
  • Flexion resistance : 3 to 5 Mpa (after 2 days), 11 to 12 Mpa (after 28 days)


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