Masters micro-beton (eșantion)
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Masters micro-beton (eșantion)

Coverage : 1m²

Products included :

  • Masters Micro-concrete  (1kg + 250mL) 
  • Masters Enviro Sealer (250ml - Satin)
12,42 € (inclusiv TVA) 12,42 € (fara TVA)

Micro-concrete for decorative floors and walls

Masters micro-concrete (also called Masters Beton Cire) is an ideal product for renovation and resurfacing. It doesn't require to remove old coatings, even on tiles on account of it excellent grip on all new and old supports. It is applied in two layers with only 2mm thickness.
Our micro-concrete is available in 35 colours and allows multiple effects according to application mode.

Interiors, exteriors and facades are beautifully rendered achieving decorative finishes. It can be applied to areas of any size both large and small without the need of any joints, to floors, walls , shelves and kitchen tops, sinks and bathtubs.

Mechanical and physical characteristics

Coverage : About 1kg for 1 sqm for one coat
Granulometry : 0,3 à 0,4 mm
Density : 2,1
Compression resistance : 7 to 12 Mpa (after 2 days), 30 to 35 Mpa (after 28 days)
Flexion resistance : 3 to 5 Mpa (after 2 days), 11 to 12 Mpa (after 28 days)
Mechanicals resistances standards NF EN 196.1

Fisa tehnica
Pulbere + Liant
Ciment Portland și nisipuri de silice + liant pe bază de polimeri acrilici
1 kg per 1mp (pentru un singur strat)
COV gratuite - Conform Directivei europene 2004/42 / CE
Disponibil în 43 de culori. Culoare personalizată la cerere
0,2 până la 0,3 mm
Rezistența la compresiune
7-12 MPa (după 2 zile), 30 până la 35 MPa (după 28 de zile)
Rezistența la flexiune
3 până la 5 MPa (după 2 zile), 11 până la 12 MPa (după 28 de zile)
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