Masters Self Leveling

Aspectul său mineral este potrivit pentru orice mediu: contemporan, modern sau clasic. Aplicarea ușoară și rapidă într-un singur strat de 5 mm (poate fi turnat cu o pompă specifică), este un produs ideal pentru renovarea pardoselilor, în special pe suprafețe întinse.

  • Ambalare : Găleți de 25 kg
  • Acoperire : O găleată pentru 3mp cu grosimea de 5mm

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78,62 € (inclusiv TVA) 78,62 € (fara TVA)

How to use ?

1. Preparing surfaces

The surface must be resistant, clean, hard without cracks. Remove all dust and other substances of old coating who could damage the grip of the product (paint, oil, grease, fluorescence, GLU, sealers, etc…).
If you have some little cracks, you can repair it with an Epoxy Resin and insert a fiber mesh into this primer.
For an application on an old ceramics or tiles, a light sanding may be necessary to promote the adherence.
On tiles, to avoid the spectrum phenomenon, fill the joints with a tile adhesive before the application.
Respect and keep the expansion joints existing in your old screeds and slabs. Put foam strips to create peripheral expansion joints, especially on external angles. These rules are essential if you apply MDA on floors with under floor heating. You should use Masters Prim for porous surfaces or Masters Prim Quartz for closed or smooth surfaces.

2. Aapplication

To prepare the mix, take a special bucket for mixing and put 6 liters water inside. The quantity of water is very important; add always, with precision, the same quantity of water for each bucket. Open your first bucket of Masters Self Leveling and add gradually this powder (already coloured) in the water. Mix with a professional mixer with a slow speed (<600rpm) during 3 minutes. Let the mix sit for one minute to let the bubbles disappear. After, just before pouring, mix again during 30 seconds. Apply the product regularly on the floor and help it to place with a finishing trowel. You can use a gauge rake to be sure to have the right thickness. To have a homogenous result, you must apply the different batches of mixes quickly and continuously. To work with a good pace, we recommend working in team of three persons. If you prepare correctly the support and if you respect all technical advices, you don’t need to use a spiked roll.

After 24 hours, you can walk on the product, careful to do no make stain. The product requires no sanding, except if you want to create special effects. Let it dry a minimum of 72 hours (five days should be better) before applying the sealer.

3. Protection

Apply two coat of a bi-component sealer like Masters Varnish ECODUR in finish Mat, Satin or Glossy.

Fisa tehnica
Ciment Portland (40%), cuarț, nisip silca și aditivi
3mp cu grosimea de 5mm
COV gratuite - Conform Directivei europene 2004/42 / CE
Disponibil în 30 de culori. Culoare personalizată la cerere
Termen de valabilitate
12 luni
Găleată de 25 kg
0,3 până la 0,4 mm
Rezistența la compresiune
27 MPa (după 3 zile) / 43 MPa (după 28 zile)
Rezistența la flexiune
7 MPa (după 3 zile) / 11 MPa (după 28 de zile)
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