Masters Colour Hardener (Sample)

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Colour hardener for stamped and stenciled concrete

Packaging: 3kg
Coverage: About 1m²

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Confezione Bucket of 25kg
Forma Powder
Composizione Portland cement (40%) quartz, silca sand and additives
Consumo indicativo 3-6kg/sqm - About 5 to 8 sqm by bucket
COV None
Colore Available in 20 colours. Custom colour on demand
Data di scadenza 12 months
Durezza 7/8 (Mohs scale)
Granulometry 0,1 to 0,8 mm
Densità 2

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Colour hardener for stamped and stenciled concrete

Masters Colour Hardener is a dry shake coloured surface hardener, ready to use. It is used for two reasons: colouring and hardening freshly placed concrete. Typically used to provide the base colour for stamped concrete, it is also necessary when installing stencilled concrete.

Masters Colour Hardener is composed of :

  • Portland cement (40%),
  • blended silica quartz aggregates,
  • colour inorganic pigments
  • and other admixtures.

This formulation allow to have a special consistency (like a modelling paste) to highlight the smallest details of all stamps models.

Color chart Color hardener

How to use ?

In the first place, you have to prepare your construction site into the standards rules for realize a traditional concrete screed. Your subgrade should be carefully prepared, compacted and levelled. Set the forms to the correct elevation and make your levels for draining water.
Have a good concrete mix is very important, use a minimum of 35% of Portland cement per cubic meter and less of 175 liters of water. Remember, more you have water, more you will risk having cracks. Prefer do not use retarding or water reducing admixtures especially when they contain calcium chloride. Place your concrete and use a no-metallic bullfloat for surfacing. After surfacing carefully your fresh concrete, and when all the bleed water has dissipated, hand broadcast your Masters Colour Hardener in two times. About 85% at the first time and when the colour hardener had absorbed the moisture, shake again the rest of 15%. A third shake must be necessary when you are working with light colour.

  • Stamped concrete : Once surfacing your Masters Colours Hardener put a released agent and wait the right time for stamping
  • Stenciled concrete : Place carefully your stencil before applying Masters Colour Hardener and use a second colour for decorative effects


Apply one coat of sealer (water based or solvent based) after 48 hour drying and a second coat after 28 days.