Stenciled concrete

In freshly placed concrete



  • A bull float
  • A hand trowel
  • A sprayer
  • Scissors

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1. Preparation

In the first place, you have to prepare your construction site into the standards rules for realize a traditional concrete screed. Your subgrade should be carefully prepared, compacted and levelled. Set the forms to the correct elevation and make your levels for draining water.

2. Application

► Applying the stencils

Placement requires two people, with one person holding the stencil roll while the other person holds the uncoiled end on the opposite side of the slab. The stencil is placed and worked one strip at a time. They must be aligned in a specific manner to ensure pattern continuity.
Once the stencil is laid down atop the slab, it's plastered to the surface with a bull float.  A hand float is then used to stick down the edges.

► Adding color

The next step is to hand broadcast Masters Color Hardener onto the surface and work it into the slab with a bullfloat. This process is best done immediately after stencil application, while the concrete surface still has enough moisture to be absorbed by the hardener.

As soon as the slab has been colored, it's time to remove the stencils.

3. Finition

Apply one coat of Masters Ecolex Sealer (water based) after 48 hour drying and a second coat after 28 days.
You can also choose solvent based sealers like Masters Outside Sealer for the fist coat and Masters Sealer for the second coat