Sello de piedra de campo europea
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Sello de piedra de campo europea

Estos sellos se utilizan para realizar un Hormigón Estampado sobre un hormigón fresco o sobre una regla vieja utilizando una superposición de estampación.

  • Rígido
  • Flexible
  • Juego de 4
  • Juego de 8
129,33 € (impuestos inc.) 129,33 € (impuestos excl.)
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Stamp or mat : European Fieldstone

How to use ?

Before stamping, the fresh concrete must be first coloured with Masters Colour Hardener to strengthen the surface.
After this step and for avoid your skins not stick the concrete, care must be taken to spray them with a Masters Liquid Release or powdered a Masters Antique Release on the entire surface to be printed.
Note that creates a second colour and allows to highlight the patterns.
Masters Antique Release Agent
On an old screed, you must used Masters Stamp Overlay. In this case, Masters Stamp Overlay must be coloured in the mass during the mix.


Our stamps are on sale by unit (rigid or flexible) or by set of 4.

  • The set of 4 stamps is composed of 3 rigid and one flexible.
  • The flexible stamp allows to print close to the walls, using the flexibility to make an angle of 90°

Pattern history

Surface texture is that of naturally worn, European Fieldstone. Edges are irregular and corners are rounded.

Ficha técnica
Caucho PU
Rígido o flexible
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