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Micro-concrete full kit - Stairs - 5 or 10 sqm

This kit contains all the product needed to create micro-concrete stairs : primer, micro-concrete (2 layers) and bi-component sealer

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  • Satin
  • Matt
  • 5 sqm
  • 10 sqm
€120.00 (tax incl.) €100.00 (tax excl.)
Tax included

STAIRS - Full kit (all included)

Masters Micro-concrete (also called Masters Beton Cire) is an ideal product for renovation and resurfacing. It doesn't require to remove old coatings, even on tiles on account of it excellent grip on all new and old supports. It is applied in two layers with only 2mm thickness.
Our micro-concrete is available in 35 colours and allows multiple effects according to application mode.

With micro-concrete, you can create an airy and continuous space without all the inconvenience caused by annoying restoration works.

Products included :

5sqm package :

  • Masters Prim Plus (500mL)
  • Micro-concrete (10kg of powder + 2,5L of binder)
  • Masters Varnish PRO PU (1kg, bi-component)

10sqm package :

  • Masters Prim Plus (1L)
  • Micro-concrete (20kg of powder + 5L of binder)
  • Masters Varnish PRO PU (2x 1kg, bi-component)

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Data sheet
Portland cement and silica sands + binder based on acrylic polymers
1kg per 1sqm (for one layer)
Free VOC's - According to European Directive 2004/42/CE
Available in 43 colours. Custom colour on demand
0,2 to 0,3 mm
Compression resistance
7 to 12 Mpa (after 2 days), 30 to 35 Mpa (after 28 days)
Flexion resistance
3 to 5 Mpa (after 2 days), 11 to 12 Mpa (after 28 days)
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