Masters micro-concrete - 2sqm / 5kg

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Micro-concrete is an ideal product for renovation and resurfacing because it doesn't requiring removal the old coating.

More than 36 colors !

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FormPowder + Binder
CompositionPortland cement and silica sands + binder based on acrylic polymers
Coverage1kg for 1sqm for one layer
VOC'sFree VOC's - According to European Directive 2004/42/CE
ColourAvailable in 35 colours. Custom colour on demand
Pot life1 year
Granulometry0,3 à 0,4 mm
Compression resistance7 to 12 Mpa (after 2 days) / 30 to 35 Mpa (after 28 days)
Flexion resistance3 to 5 Mpa (after 2 days) / 11 to 12 Mpa (after 28 days)

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Micro-concrete for decorative floors and walls

Masters Micro-concrete (also called Masters Beton Cire) is an ideal product for renovation and resurfacing. It doesn't require to remove old coatings, even on tiles on account of it excellent grip on all new and old supports. It is applied in two layers with only 2mm thickness.
Our micro-concrete is available in 35 colours and allows multiple effects according to application mode.

Interiors, exteriors and facades are beautifully rendered achieving decorative finishes. It can be applied to areas of any size both large and small without the need of any joints, to floors, walls , shelves and kitchen tops, sinks and bathtubs.

How to use ?

1. Preparing surfaces

The surface must be resistant, clean, hard without cracks. Remove all dust and other substances of old coating who could damage the grip of the product (paint, oil, grease, fluorescence, GLU, sealers ... etc)
If you have some little cracks, you can repair it with an Epoxy Resin and insert a fiber mesh into this primer.

For an application on an old ceramics or tiles, a light sanding may be necessary to promote the adherence.
When your surface is ready, apply an adapted Primer.
You should use Masters Prim for porous surfaces or Masters Prim Plus for closed surfaces like paints, tiles or others waterproofs materials.

2. Application

The two components must be measured with precision. Use a measuring cup for the liquid and a scale for the powder. Prepare for instance, 3kg of powder (bucket) and 700ml of liquid resin. Mix mechanically in slow speed Masters Beton Ciré until obtaining of homogeneous mix.
Begin to apply the mixture in fine layer (about 1mm) with the trowel without trying to make directly perfect surface.
Apply regularly on the whole surface to be treated without interruption.
Let dry this primary layer during 4 at 6 hours.
Apply the second layer according the same method.
This time, press stronger on your trowel to insert the product into the first layer. This step is important to reduce the grain and create a smooth surface. Once the second layer ended, let it dry at least 48 hours before of sanding with grain of 120. For a better sanding, prefer a silicon carbide disc.

3. Protection

Apply two coats of sealer and prefer a bi-component sealer (polyurethane or epoxy) according to the use of the place.

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